Isnin, 15 Mac 2010

In university and instituts, learn communication help to be operationnel when you'll be called for a job. your boss will see and guess if you're ok to it, if you can speak correctly to others persons because in a job, there are more situations that you must be calm and can be understand the others one. so, I think, must learn it.

Ahad, 14 Mac 2010


Global warming is bad condition in the world. It is a completely natural and out of our hands to control. It is important to human be aware in this condition. This condition very serious not only to human it include all living thing in the world. Because of that we must to prevent the global warming such as decrease the gasses in the natural greenhouse,carbon dioxide from burning fossil fuels,car sharing. Now we must find ways to stop the global warming such as choose the alternative transportation. Driving less by biking and walking improves our health and the fuel used to harvest and transport mass produced goods are reduced.Global warming give big impact for living things such as, the thickness of the ozon layer, the ice at north pole are melt from day to day.

Rabu, 10 Februari 2010

Non-verbal is a body language sign without speaking. We can see from the expression changes, and we will know without him speak. we know and use of non-verbal cues in facial expression are familiar to us nearly from birth.
A person body posture, movements and positions more often tell us exactly what they mean. Many people are unaware of how loudly they communicate with their bodies.We understand what a person indicates with their gestures and body positions and we send out our own messages.

In the future I want to be a success in the IT field. This because I want to build a system that can be used for all age levels and easy to use. I so should be a system engineer. With what I learn new semester is more to the system and it is very simple coding of the other subjects such as JAVA I, 2, and c + +. So love this subject and i like this occupation. I also hope that one day my future open up my own company. so exhausted when I take the diploma, I want to study further possible degree, master's and PhD insyaallah .....

Ahad, 24 Januari 2010

Being the Blog.....

  • I like Flower or abstract style on my blog layout,cos it is interesting n color full...
  • I write Bl0g cos this semester ENG subject that need me to create the blog also being influence by my friend, it is because they are blogs its very attractive and have more gadget..huhuhu, so I want too.....=)
  • On blog a have a new friend n learn to create the blog using the simple until difficult things..huhuhu...
  • first time i know ab0ut blog, it is hard to create and its very difficult but when i try to create my own blog it is very easy...we must more explore about blog....huhuhu
  • Now I like to write are blog..huhuhuhu.....